Sunday, January 22, 2012

Philosophical Lessons from Pushmo


Take a broad view
Think about what you want to achieve and mentally start working backwards from the goal.

Get moving
Start pulling blocks and climbing towards the goal.

If you get stuck
Take another look at the goal and reassess how to get there from your current position.

Sometimes you need to backtrack
Not every path is the right path, and the solution to every complex problem doesn’t necessarily come in a straight line. Some paths only take you so far and sometimes a path leads you to a single block that needs repositioning before you can backtrack and start your final ascent.

The push-out panel buttons can either lead to the goal, or impede your progress.
Think about your path before you push. 

Just because an opportunity is available, doesn’t mean you should take it
Consider if the opportunity aids you on your path. Taking the wrong opportunity can not only set you back, it can force you to start over from starch.

Don’t give up.
Stay in the problem long enough, and the solution will reveal itself. With time and determination, even difficult problems yield solutions.

Stick with the game. Keep pushing and climbing and you'll reach your goal. 

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