Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kingdom Hearts' Xion WIP

Here is the work up for the Kingdom Hearts' Xion image, from character design to final illustration.

The process starts with a character design turnaround. In the case of fanart, the character design stage is less about designing the character (since she is already designed), and more about "feeling out" the design details in my style. Xion wears a figure-obscuring long coat, so determining her physique was another aspect of the process.

Next, I came up with a rough idea for the pose.

Once I was satisfied with the composition and pose, I set about drawing it. Here you can see the clean pencils, ready for inking.

Then I prepared the general lighting, color scheme and background.

After that, it was matter of inking and coloring the character. Check out the finished image on Cutepet!