Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sci-fi Amelia - Complete!

This is a teaser cropping of our newest exclusive donation image on Cutepet. We teased it on the blog last week. Now see "Sci-fi Amelia" in her full-color glory (plus bonus WIP sketches, lineart, and more!) with a donation of just $2.00! Your donations help offset our monthly website costs and allow us to keep running the website open and free!

Here's the link to the download! Thanks and enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ryougi Shiki WIP

New picture in the works... this is Ryougi Shiki from an anime series called Kara no Kyoukai.

When working out a new picture, I'll sometimes come up with multiple rough composition sketches. That allows me to try out different variations on a pose/camera angle, and see what works best. Stay tuned to find out which one I end up using.... :)

In keeping with the character design exercises I've been doing lately, here is a turnaround I did for Shiki:

Work in progress sketches continued in Ryougi Shiki WIP 2!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rukia and Kagura - Complete!

 Here is the finished version of Rukia and Kagura crossover pic! That's Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach and Kagura from Azumanga Daioh, sharing a moment of passion. Enjoy! ^_^

See this previous blog post for WIP pics and more details.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sci-fi Amelia WIP

Here's the next picture in progress, coming up after Rukia and Kagura are completed:

This is a commission I'm working on of original sci-fi character Amelia. She's taking a break from her navigational duties to toy herself with a remote control operated device. A hidden feature of the ship. *grin* :D

Here's the character design sketch of Amelia modeling the naughty-hide-nothing sci-fi outfit she'll be wearing in the picture (She can speak in binary, hence the binary barcode word balloon):

On a separate note, some of you have noticed that Studio Cutepet has taken up residence on DeviantArt, and have expressed concern about imposter art thieves. Thanks for looking out for us! I assure you, that is indeed me posting there, so feel free to watch us and favorite our pics. I'll be periodically posting a sampling of our softcore images there. :) We're also now on Hentaifoundry and HentaiArtist. ^_^

Like always though, the most complete collection of Cutepet art will be on our website. Enjoy the pics! =^_^=

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Angelissa - Pegasus Transformation

This one was a huge undertaking that we've been working on since last month. A triptych piece of Angelissa transforming into a pegasus. That's three figures, and six pairs of wings. The file size on the final version containing all three parts is massive.

Full version:

Just Angelissa:


And here's an early version of the sketch:

Angelissa pops up in a lot of our pictures--in fact, we've been "playing" with her since 2001--but she's not a Cutepet original character. This this four-winged beauty was created by Angel, whose website can be found here. Thanks, Angel, for all the commissions over the years. We love Angelissa. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Halloween

Boo! Trick or Treat!

Scroll down to see what's under the sheet! <3


Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rukia and Kagura - WIP

Here's a sneak peek at a new image I'm working on featuring Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach and Kagura from Azumanga Daioh, for an individual who loves both characters. :)

Doing design sketches of the characters allows me to feel out their anatomy. Every character is different, and I don't just mean the size of their breasts. =p Some artists fall back on the same curvy body type every time, but I find that to be a little bit boring. In the case of these two, Kagura is a very athletic and sporty character, with thicker proportions that Rukia, so I wanted to make sure that came across in the picture. (Note also how they compare to the taller, fashion-model-proportioned woman from the "Sunlit Veranda" image.)

Once I felt I understood Rukia and Kagura's individual characteristics, I worked up the composition for the picture. The concept is Rukia is touching herself while she watches Kagura having sex with some guy. Who the guy is....who knows. Perhaps it's you, the viewer. :D

Stay tuned for further developments...!

Also coming soon: