Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Cutepet art happens - Molly Mauler Pin-up

Character Design Pin-up featuring Molly Mauler

Start with a basic concept: "New Foxy Fighter character. Scene girl mixed with dominatrix. Real mean. Small boobs. Skinny."

Warm-up by drawing a series of thumbnail sized gesture sketches. It's all about feeling out an expressive pose.

Focus the pose(s), making notes on the sketch and elsewhere to help solidify the idea for the character.

Design the character's signature outfit. Try multiple ideas, then pick the best elements and try them together.

Combine pose, character, attitude, & costume into a sketch with a strong silhouette, that clearly conveys the design.

Refine lines with ink. Color & add effects. Then crop the image, cover nips, and publicly post the art as a sample. ;)